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customer service,
train staff and
resolve disputes

Help your customers automatically record every phone conversation that takes place in their business and play them back at the touch of a button. Our call recording software is easy to use, secure and compliant. Call recording automatically records every phone conversation that takes place within the company, allowing users to listen back to them instantly.

It is the ultimate staff assessment and training tool, allowing users to clarify orders and resolve any disputes. Easy and quick to install and use, all call recordings are stored in a searchable database, can be emailed as attachments and comply with French law.

This tool is suitable for both cloud and on-premises phone systems.

Main advantages

  • Accountability: Resolve disputes with recorded evidence 

  • Quality Control: Improve Employee Performance

  • Security: detect security breaches and inappropriate calls

  • Training: coach your employees

  • Compliance: Meet FSA or PCI standards

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Audit trail: searchable log of all calls

  • Selective recording: only record what you want


Call Center

Casual contact center for remote agents

CRM integration

The CRM of your choice

MS Teams integration

Microsoft Teams as phone system