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enhance your customer experience with CRM Integration

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CRM integration options

Any contact with a (potential) customer contributes to the success of the relationship. Integrating your CRM system with your PBX functionality enhances productivity and customer satisfaction. Our CRM solutions help you create contact magic by improving customer experience. 

We offer a variety of CRM integration possibilities that adapt to your communications needs. Our solutions include caller identification and welcome messages. 

We integrate with most existing CRM solutions thanks to our desktop and web client, allowing you to pre-define rules to trigger actions when placing or receiving calls, so that you always have the desired information about the contact at a glance. 

If you are a Salesforce power user, you can bring our telephony functionality to your Salesforce portal, allowing you to place and receive calls directly from your preferred CRM application. 

You can pick and choose your integration modality, either via plugin or easy-to-use APIs.