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Enreach Expands Capability for Collaboration with Carriers

5 juil. 2022

As part of its efforts to expand collaboration with the international community in both fixed and mobile service provision, Enreach for Service Providers, part of Enreach, has added to its team. The company sees relationships with service providers that go beyond pure telephony into other contact services, such as integration with collaboration and other ICT tools as important part of its continued growth. It has therefore appointed industry veteran Iain Sinnott as Head of International Carrier Sales at Enreach for Service Providers

“What sets Enreach apart is its clear strategy around its vision of integrating multiple forms of contact, supported by a powerful portfolio of solutions already being rolled out across the region,” says Sinnott. “The group’s modern product approach reflects users’ real-world needs today, with access to so many forms of contact: voice, chat, video, and more.” 

“Enreach also has the right attitude towards working with carriers,” he adds. “We are not just selling technologies: we are sharing a strategy and need to work closely with each other to deliver products that end users will actually want to use. We also want to work more closely with the channel from pre-sale to point-of-sale and post-sale support.” 

Sinnot brings more than 30 years of senior-level experience in the telecoms industry to Enreach for Service Providers and has also been a board member of the Cloud Communications Alliance since 2020. As well as serving for seven years as Sales Director at Vanilla IP and Vice President of Sales at UBOSS, Sinnott was previously, Head of Indirect Sales at Timico and Head of Indirect Sales at Martin Dawes. In addition, he has provided extensive consultancy services to various telecoms industry organisations over the years. 

At Enreach for Service Providers, he will focus on helping legacy players and new market entrants guide their customers through digital transformation. This will involve assisting them to achieve better customer experiences, improved productivity, support for hybrid working and intuitive mobile business operations.   

“We are delighted to welcome Iain to our team of senior sales directors,” says Bertrand Pourcelot, the Managing Director of Enreach for Service Providers. “He is an excellent fit with his enthusiasm, entrepreneurial energy, passion for products and people, as well as extensive insider knowledge of service providers globally. Enreach is on course to make a difference in this market.” 

This article was published on UC Today on 05 July 2022.