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Enreach UP powers digital transformations for BCX South Africa customers

8 juil. 2022

Partnership helps customers through pandemic challenges and accelerates transformations

South African ICT provider BCX has partnered with Enreach to support customers’ ICT and communications needs. BCX focuses on enabling customers to reap the benefits of digital transformation and an integral part of its approach is its partnership with Enreach which includes the Enreach Unified Platform ­– Enreach UP – for communications, collaboration and productivity.

BCX turned to Enreach for its flexible and advanced unified communications and converged contact platform. “What stood out for us is Enreach’s entrepreneurial and innovative culture, which aligns with our DNA and ethos,” says Sharon Maasdorp, the Managing Executive for Unified Collaboration at BCX. “With Enreach, we can collaborate on a more open level, working together to find solutions to address the market, including dealing with some very niche needs. The more digital customers are, the more they can achieve. Unified communications is where you start, but on top of that, we can add digital applications, such as better customer experience, contact centre features, intelligent bots, self-service, and more.”

The launch of the new platform coincided with the first lockdown in South Africa. As businesses had to shut down their offices, BCX was able to help them move into work-from-home modes rapidly, with help from the Enreach platform. “Many customers were happy with what they had, but Covid certainly accelerated their digital transformation,” says Domingos Da Mata, the Portfolio Executive for Unified Collaboration at BCX. “Now, as hybrid working models emerge, we can support our customers whether they are using mobile or our fibre network.”

“Enreach’s experience in fixed-mobile also helps us give customers a ubiquitous experience, empowering them to connect from any device, any time, from anywhere on any network,” he adds. “Our philosophy is to give customers that liberation with our end-to-end solution.”

Enreach’s vision to converge its contact solutions fits BCX’s approach. “We are as much about IT as comms, and one of our key strengths is our data network, which we have evolved into a converged architecture, which integrates the mobility with the Enreach platform,” says Da Mata.

For Maasdorp, it’s also about making it easy for customers. “For us, converging different forms of contact is all about removing the complexity for customers, giving them one integrated solution across different apps, networks and devices, and a single SLA,” she says. “As a result, customers can focus more time on their business without worrying about managing multiple networks and applications.”

BCX also was attracted by the customisation and integration capabilities of the Enreach platform. “We are currently looking at Enreach’s Microsoft Teams integration, and we cannot wait to take Enreach’s bot and contact centre services to market,” says Da Mata. “There are many businesses out there that do not require a dedicated contact centre solution, but they still have customer service needs, including via newer channels such as WhatsApp and Telegram so we expect this to be a growing sector for the next few years.”

Bertrand Pourcelot, the Managing Director of Enreach for Service Providers, adds: “BCX is exactly the kind of operator we want to work with: customer-focused, future-facing, and embracing the opportunities – particularly around converged contact and mobility – that this fast-evolving marketplace presents. We look forward to supporting BCX’s continued success.”

Source: UC Today