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Seven reasons why the Netaxis and Enreach partnership is good news for CSPs

11 avr. 2023

Enreach for Service Providers has recently partnered with Belgian-based Netaxis, a technology innovator delivering Fusion. This platform converges multiple apps and systems into one simplified environment across numerous sources, including cloud UC platforms, BSS/OSS, and applications. However, what does this mean in practice, especially for CPSs?

A truly, fully embracing converged UC environment  – across Enreach and other UC platforms and apps (yes, even those that might be viewed as competitors). So, CSPs and their customers do not have to choose between one or another: everything can work well together and be accessible. Think of it as a ‘universal docking station’ for everything to do with UC.

Reduced barriers to adoption – all the technology hard work is done for the CSP, so benefits outweigh the effort, providing a faster route to more converged and diverse UC portfolios. In turn, they can focus on matching customers’ desired outcomes.

Low risk – no need for full-scale migration from one technology choice to another. Instead, CSPs and their customers can access new or legacy apps and systems. Think of the combined solution as a way to safely explore the broader potential of UC.

Differentiation – the combined solution's diversity means that CSPs can design packages and customised offerings that fit customers and their objectives across people, processes, and productivity.

Unleash growth opportunities – make the most of the benefits of UC within current voice service offerings, to strengthen connections with customers and open up new growth and innovation avenues, cost-efficiently.

Customer ownership and visibility – Enreach for Service Providers believes CSPs should own the customer relationship and be credited for technology benefits. Enreach will always be in the background providing the technology. That is why Enreach offers probably the most comprehensive range of white-label options today.

Mobile-first – Enreach UP has always been engineered from the ground up as mobile-focused, from an organisation that has pioneered ‘mobile-first’ for many years. So, CSPs can be confident that the combined approach from Enreach and Netaxis helps them to expand into offering business mobility, using market-proven know-how and technology.