Collaboration from your laptop with our desktop & web application


myIstra is a selfcare client, offering enterprise end users an intuitive and easy to use application to manage their unified communications settings from their mobile or desktop. 

Used in standalone mode, myIstra softphone converts your computer into a multifunction IP phone. It allows the end-user to make, receive and manage communications with a single click from their computer. 

In tandem mode (web or installed) with the IP phone, myIstra enables the end-user to control calls from his computer or his IP phone. For example, a user can answer a call from their phone, put callers on hold and transfer calls to another extension from myIstra. 

myIstra is available on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. 

Key Features

Softphone (installed version)
Softphone (installed version)
ACD login and logout
ACD login and logout
Presence and caller ID management
Presence and caller ID management
Other features
  • Click to dial on personal and enterprise contact
  • Contact management (add/filter/add to favorites)


  • PBX & call control (Caller ID and forwarding rules management, Call history, IP terminal management)
  • Video collaboration


  • Enterprise messaging and voicemail
  • CRM integration with 20+ CRM solutions