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How Voitel is modernizing the workplace for Brazilian businesses leveraging Enreach platform - including UCaaS, mobility and Teams integration

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One of Brazil’s most innovative ICT service providers, Voitel Group, has long been one of the country’s champions of unified communications, providing tangible added value to a wide range and a growing number of business customers of all sizes and types. The service provider’s partnership with Enreach, dating back to 2015, has played a pivotal role in being one step ahead of evolving market requirements, pushing new boundaries, and delivering customer satisfaction. Recent highlights have included integration with Microsoft Teams, bringing enhanced telephony to the app, plus helping Brazil’s businesses to adopt ‘mobile first’ communication strategies for true workplace flexibility.   


Voitel has almost a quarter century’s experience providing technology and telecommunications services to the Brazilian market. Right from its early days, it has been a pioneer in its field, making one of the country’s first VOIP call way back in 2000 then making steps in video conferencing and working closely with big brands. Today, Voitel is positioned as a leading provider of UCaaS in Brazil, with a fast-growing business customer base. 

The portfolio includes SIP trunking, toll-free, integrated cloud-based technology, virtual PBX, and Microsoft Teams integration. While Voitel can address any company size, most of its customers are mid-range enterprises, with approximately 50-300 users each.  

Market drivers

During its years in Brazil, the service provider has seen how customer requirements have evolved, especially more recently. Voitel founder and CEO Pedro Suchodolski explains, “Several aspects are driving this market right now. The first is that since the pandemic, many organizations have moved towards a hybrid model, where part of the time, employees are at home and on other days in the office. So, they need workplace communication tools that enable people to connect and collaborate anywhere, anytime.” 

“However, many of these businesses are still running legacy on-premise PBXs, which are still attached to physical phone extensions. So, employees must be in the office to interact efficiently with customers, partners, suppliers, and colleagues.” 

In addition to recognizing the need to move away from traditional equipment to support a more modern working environment, these businesses are also moving toward change due to costs. As manufacturers stop supporting, making, or selling legacy hardware, that equipment becomes increasingly costly to maintain and upgrade. For instance, if spare parts are unavailable, finding a fix could be time-consuming, expensive, and complicated.  

Transitioning to an IP- and cloud- centric workplace

Voitel is helping these companies update their communications technology while delivering extra benefits. “We support their digital transformation processes by bringing them an IP UCaaS solution, enabling them to have all their communication tools accessible wherever their employees are and whatever device they prefer to use in the office, on the road, at home, at a hotel, or anywhere else.” 

Furthermore, Voitel is also helping businesses that have already moved to cloud-based communications but are not satisfied with those decisions because of the lack of required features and, therefore, inadequate return on investment. “There is a gap in the market that we can fulfil, providing some amazing features — such as integration with Microsoft Teams and CRMs, plus systematic call recording and ACD queues, all that with multi-level administration and selfcare — and this is made possible by our partnership with Enreach.” 

A long-established partnership

The history between the two organizations goes back to 2015 when Voitel was researching an alternative to its previous IP PBX technology vendor. “We were looking for features that just were not there. Then we came across Enreach — or Centile as it was known then — and could see it was poised to become one of the market’s disruptors, both with the features already in place, but also which ones were in development, and the future vision for the platform.” 

 “I would like to comment on the amazing job done by the products and sales teams at Enreach, always helping us when we have challenging projects and bringing us new ideas. And we would like to especially recognize the support team, who work so hard to help our operations department.” 

Pedro adds, “We also like the licensing model and that — even back in 2015 — Enreach for Service Providers was not just focused on Europe, but also expanding worldwide, and today through the group’s acquisitions, we have access to even more innovations.”

Teams integration

An example of innovation is integration with Teams, which fits well with the widespread Microsoft by the country’s businesses. Pedro explains, “Microsoft is super strong in Brazil, with most companies running Office 365, and they are already using Teams for video collaboration, file sharing, or project management. So, it makes a lot of sense to bring telephony into Teams, so these companies can benefit from having one system for their whole communications, including receiving or making calls.” 

“Of course, other solutions integrate with Teams, but the best part is that we can connect all the PBX features to make Teams a telephony terminal and add the PBX functionality it does not include. With this integration, we can route calls, have a professional IVR call recording, create groups, and more.” 

Since launching the Microsoft Teams integration, its adoption has been on an upwards trajectory, and today is one of the pillars of Voitel’s commercial strategy in the country. Pedro reports, “We are receiving great feedback from our users, who now have just one interface to manage all their communications needs, available anytime, anywhere, and on all devices.”  

Mobile and more

Mobile is another area where Voitel is focusing its attention; as Pedro explains, “Mobility is a must today, and in itself is no longer a differentiator: it is how you provide it to your customers that make the difference, and being able to have the Enreach mobile app, which we a brand as our own, gives our customers a lot of benefits.” 

“Through native integration with the Enreach platform, you can have all the features you need in the palm of your hand, reinforcing our brand with users while providing an excellent user experience. People can move from mobile to the PC and vice versa, and as there can be several lines on the same phone, users can keep their personal and work identities and lives separate.”  

Looking ahead

Voitel is not the kind of organization to sit on its laurels and keeps looking forward, seeking new ways to help customers and bring new developments in ICT to Brazil. The partnership between Voitel and Enreach is an integral part of that. Says Pedro: “Enreach has telephony in its roots and added to its other innovations, and I think that this is a game changer: everything it is deploying now, have in development or planned the future, it is going put Enreach ahead of the curve.” 

“This platform will continue putting Enreach at the forefront of what the future workspace is becoming: the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, through any channel, in one unique platform without running multiple different software applications to manage everything. We are proud to be an Enreach partner and benefit from the ecosystems it has created over the years. Our two organizations have been and continue to be a great match.” 


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