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Enterprise collaboration software 

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Access all unified communications from one web interface

Business users want their collaboration tools and phone services to be fast and simple to manage. Our Desktop App is an intuitive application from which they can manage all their unified communications settings. This gives them a single place to control their phone services and more, all from a desktop computer or smartphone.   

For a service-provider, our Desktop App is more than just a way to help business customers improve how they manage their business phone systems. This team collaboration software is also a gateway to offer advanced, flexible and intuitive collaboration systems, including CRM integration. 

Desktop App in more detail:

  • Standalone – Our desktop app softphone converts a computer into a multifunction IP-phone. End-users can make, receive and manage phone calls and other communications, all from a single click.  
  • With a VOIP or mobile phone – together with an IP handset or mobile phone, control calls from both the computer or the device of choice. For example: answer a call on the desk-phone, then transfer to another extension; or choose which IP phone terminal, mobile phone or desktop computer to use to place a call.  

Here are some of the main benefits and features of our Desktop app:

Automatic call distribution (ACD)
Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Manage incoming calls across a team, and allow the user to log in and log out of queues. (For more information about the comprehensive contact centre functionality available, check our contact centre page.


Use your laptop as if it was your IP or mobile phone. Make, receive and manage phone calls in one click

Presence and caller ID management
Presence and caller ID management

Set how each team member’s information is displayed to external callers

Forwarding rules

Create call forwarding rules to make sure that an important customer call is never missed. For instance, a boss can choose to have all calls redirected to his or her assistant.

Call history and call-back management

View incoming, outgoing or missed calls. Create settings for call-back management.  

CRM integration

Choose you or your customer’s preferred CRM. Our app integrates with over 20 of the world’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Zoho. With our app, end-users can make and receive calls from within the CRM, with customer information displayed via the screen on incoming communications.

User and administrator controls

Businesses can choose how much flexibility they want to give employees over their settings, while some features can only be set by the administrator.

Enterprise messaging and voice mail

Our desktop app has its own built-in instant messaging tool, so users can easily start a text conversation with their contacts, privately or in teams. Instantly access voicemail from the desktop app web interface. 

Contact management

Across both corporate and personal contacts, just click on a name to dial. Add and filter names, even create ‘favourite’ lists.

Available as desktop or web app

For Windows and Linux. For the same features of myIstra on mobile, check out our mobile app

Video collaboration

Take unified communications even further, by scheduling and starting video calls from myIstra. (We have a choice of our video collaboration options available).


From the company directory, see who is available (and who is not), initiate a chat session, a call or video conference. Each user can manage their presence status across several profiles. The default is ‘available’ or ‘busy’ when in a (video) call, but employees can define a presence status, which is then visible to colleagues.