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Our collaboration solutions bring people together, helping teams to do amazing things from any location.

By offering our collaboration solutions, you will  be fully equipped to go heads-on with your competition. We provide you with the flexibility to fulfil the needs of both your existing and potential customers.


Collaboration for Service Providers

As workplaces become more digital and employees remotely-based, ‘mobile first’ is fast becoming a big trend in unified communications. As part of digital transformation, the aim is to make advanced and flexible phone services accessible on a mobile-device over existing mobile networks. 




Remote working

Collaboration for Service Providers

Stay connected to colleagues and customers
Enjoy video collaboration, live chat, mobile app, softphone
Guarantee your business continuity
Enhance productivity and team spirit

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Enreach UP

Collaboration for Service Providers

Become or build your business as a cloud phone system provider, without the hassle and cost of creating and managing the technology. Under your brand, use our Enreach UP UC platform to deliver powerful communication services that take contact to new levels of flexibility, sophistication and ease-of-use.


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Mobile app

Collaboration for Service Providers

Our whitelabel mobile app revolutionizes the way people handle their communications while in the office or on the go.

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Desktop & Web

Collaboration for Service Providers

Our Desktop App is a selfcare client, offering enterprise end users an intuitive and easy to use application to manage their unified communications settings from their mobile or desktop. 

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Video Collaboration

Collaboration for Service Providers

We offer two flexible options for video collaboration and conferencing, allowing enterprise end-users to efficiently collaborate and organize remote video meetings with screen and file sharing.

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Microsoft Teams

Collaboration for Service Providers

With the rise of remote working, Microsoft Teams has become an even more popular tool for collaboration. However, Microsoft Teams alone doesn't support many of the telephony handlings that are essential in a business context.

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Receptionist console

Collaboration for Service Providers

SwitchBoard is an interactive advanced attendant console empowering service providers to offer receptionist services to enterprises. 

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