The wonders
of Collaboration

Our collaboration solutions bring people together, helping teams to do amazing things from any location.

By offering our collaboration solutions, you will  be fully equipped to go heads-on with your competition. We provide you with the flexibility to fulfil the needs of both your existing and potential customers.

Cloud Telephony

Collaboration for Service Providers

Our Cloud Telephony empowers you to provide unified communications and collaboration services to customers from your data centers. There is no more on-site system installation required. Simply determine the feature package and pricing andyou can focus on what you do best: selling pioneering propositions to new and existing customers.

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Enreach Meetings

Collaboration for Service Providers

We offer a flexible solution for video conferencing, allowing enterprise end-users to efficiently collaborate and organise remote video meetings with screen and file sharing.

Accessible via single sign-on from your ISTRA platform and MOBiiS mobile application, participants can use all the collaboration features from our platform, creating a seamless user experience.

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