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TeamsTime 2022

7 Jul 2022

The future of work will be agile and hybrid, this much is clear by now. After a two year experiment we are transitioning to a next normal of working from anywhere, anytime, anyway. Work/life balance makes way for work/life integration, where well-being and effectiveness are key, and this requires leadership, HR and technology to join forces to make this transition!

At TeamsTime 2022, HR, technology and leadership experts get together to share and discuss where we are today, what the benefits and challenges are of this next normal, and how to make first or further steps in this transformation.

MSP Society, Microsoft, Smartcomsummit & HR Community created a day packed with live online talk shows, HR round tables, expo, power sessions, and of course plenty of time for networking and real-life connections.

Asa partner Enreach will participate in live talkshows and a power session during this event. 

11:00 HRcommunity live talk show 

  • Leveraging the Power of Hybrid Work – Ellen Groot & Anita Klaver

12:00 SmartCom Summit live talk show

  • Putting the Customer First – Erik van Arkel & Tonny Siemons

17:00  Power session: Smarter Working 

  • Rob Kurver with Tonny Siemons (Enreach), Peter Broeckx (AudioCodes) & Erik van Arkel (Anywhere365)

You can find the whole program here.