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Moments that Matter


We launched Moments that Matter to understand how colleagues across our organisation engage with each other. It soon became clear that most ‘Enreachers’ (as we are often called) don’t just share roles, projects, responsibilities. They build lasting, personal and professional bonds some going back to the earliest days of Enreach. They develop special ways of communicating and showing their mutual respect. 

This way of working together is at the heart and fundamentals of our company culture. The Moments that Matter programme is designed to recognise great collaborative work and the people who are excited to make it magic. The kind of work where everyone achieves great results by seeing and treating each other as more than mere colleagues.  

We invited pairs of colleagues who have worked together to share these moments where their collaboration produced more than could be expected from their roles. The response surpassed our wildest hopes. This kind of recognition for colleagues doesn’t come from the top down. It comes from the extraordinary ways in which colleagues go that bit further to inspire one another. 

The feedback gave us some insights into these moments that matter. For example, in the different ways Enreachers work and have fun with each other, striking a healthy work-life balance across the diverse cultures in our European offices. This exciting opportunity to collaborate locally and globally provides both challenges and the rewards required to go beyond growing a technology company.


Everyone at Enreach is encouraged to 'create contact magic' as it is our purpose. Not just in our work with customers and products (important as they are), but as a personal commitment to celebrate the moments that matter. Our ambition to put meaningful human contact at the centre of everything we do is what fuels our curiosity and our success. It is also what makes working at Enreach so enjoyable as we are learning through this exercise.

Where others shy away from such contact in the workplace, we empower it.