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Introducing the Cloud Contact Center by Enreach

A service delivering a professional response to the needs of the most demanding customers.

At Enreach, we have created our Cloud Contact Center: a tool that facilitates, manages and optimises telephone-based relations and services. Our Cloud Contact Center combines the most innovative benefits of the cloud with the requirements of telephone-based customer service.

This is smart telephony: a full platform that connects users to companies in a way that is easy, effective and scalable.


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The various modules of the software will help you boost your communications: personalize and automate workflows, manage inbound calls efficiently, generate statistics and reports and pay only for what you use. 


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Account Management Account Management

Consult and manage your contracted services and access all the relevant information about your account and billing.

  • Account information / edit
  • Billing detail / edition
  • Management and user permissions




Configuration Configuration

Guarantee the fastest and most efficient response for your clients. Define and configure your infrastructure and the experience of your customers.

  • Lines
  • Agents
  • Call redirections and limits
  • Personalized voice-overs
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Automatic Call Management (IVR)
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Custom waiting queues                                                                    
Agents Agents

Boost agent collaboration and individual productivity.

  • Send / receive messages from WebChat or WhatsApp
  • Send / receive calls from a Webphone or IP terminal
  • Three-Way-Call
  • On-hook mode
  • Call rescheduling (callback)
  • Conversation transfer
  • Call recording
  • Types and call notes
  • After Call Work (ACW)

Connect your work tools and increase agent productivity through the automation of processes, opening of files, customer data and the operational integration of the call with the most used CRM and commercial helpdesks.

  • Integrated Agent in commercial CRM
  • CRM module integrated in masvoz platform
  • Customer contact information on incoming call
  • Incoming call search automation
  • Data log, details and call recordings                                                    
Supervisor Supervisor

Observe, analyze and act in real time. Manage, modify and make decisions according to the performance of your center and your agents.

  • Real-time monitoring / management of total calls, agents and queues
  • Statistics by queue: agents, calls and online call listening
  • Whispering: instant communication with agents and distribution of calls according to% of load or distribution of origin, etc.
  • Queue wallboard                                                                                 
Statistics Statistics

Make secure and proven decisions. View the details associated with all conversations, access the call history, play or download the conversation recordings

  • Reports by service and agents
  • Details of managed calls
  • Survey result report
  • Manage your reports easily
  • View details of the conversation
  • Advanced filters
  • Listen and download call recording
  • Detail of typifications and notes
  • Data export
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Our Cloud Contact Center combines the most innovative benefits of the cloud with the requirements of telephone-based customer service. Get in touch to see how our Cloud Contact solution can help you work wonders!

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Add a bot to optimize your communications

Automatically answer calls and messages to resolve questions or guide the user to the best agent. Give your bot personality! Streamline conversations, reduce costs, and streamline agent work.


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Multiply your sales with Enreach Outbound

Outbound is our business phone software that helps you build smarter campaigns, so you can focus on growing your business instead.

With Outbound, you can interconnect your branches, departments and team members without any hassle.


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Integrate with your favorite CRM

  • Microsoft 365
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Kustomer



Call Centre for your sales teams

Marketing Automation

Leads and campaign management

Embedded Voice

Integrating voice within your CRM

Enreach Virtual Assistant

WhatsApp for business and chatbot solutions

Frequently asked questions

Cloud-Based Contact Centers

A cloud-based contact center is a virtual call center solution that offers businesses the ability to effectively manage customer service activities online. Cloud-based contact centers provide numerous benefits such as cost savings, scalability, and accessibility. Additionally, they offer advanced features like automated voice response (IVR) technology and customer relationship management (CRM) integration.

Hosted call center solutions enable businesses to maintain their operations without investing in bulky hardware or software. They can be managed remotely by IT professionals, who will ensure that all calls and customer interactions run smoothly and efficiently. Hosted call centers also offer several advantages such as flexibility, scalability, cost savings, and security.

Cloud contact center providers are companies that offer cloud-based contact centers with advanced features like automated voice response (IVR), customer relationship management (CRM) integration, and more. These providers typically have a wide range of plans to choose from so that you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system used by businesses to manage their relationships with customers and prospects. CRM software helps organizations effectively organize sales data, track leads, monitor customers’ service history, and develop targeted marketing campaigns. It also helps create better customer experiences by giving employees the information they need to make personalized decisions quickly and accurately while providing real-time insights into customer behavior patterns.

Interactive voice response (IVR) technology is an automated telephone system that allows customers to interact with businesses using speech recognition software. IVRs allow customers to interact with an automated menu system without speaking directly with an employee or representative of the company. It eliminates wait times associated with manual processes while providing instant responses to questions or requests for assistance.

Enreach Cloud Contact Center helps businesses to improve customer experience in multiple ways. With advanced features such as AI-driven analytics and reporting, automation workflows, and integrations, businesses can gain greater insight into their customer service operations. This enables them to quickly identify areas of improvement while providing better customer service more efficiently. Additionally, with real-time dashboards and reports, businesses can monitor customer service performance more closely. All in all, Enreach Cloud Contact Center helps improve customer experience by providing detailed insights into customers' needs while recognizing areas of improvement quickly and efficiently.

When selecting a call center software, look for features that will help you better manage and optimize your customer service operations. Enreach Cloud Contact Center offers several features that can help with this such as scalability, AI-driven analytics, voice recognition, automation tools, integrations with popular CRM solutions, and more. Additionally, businesses should also look for features that enable them to quickly spot trends and gain actionable insights from customer data. All in all, businesses should select a call center software that offers comprehensive features so they can better manage their customer service operations.

Enreach Cloud Contact Center helps to streamline customer service operations with its comprehensive features. Its advanced AI-driven analytics provide detailed insights into customer needs and enable businesses to spot opportunities for improvement. Additionally, automation workflows help reduce manual tasks and improve operational efficiency. The platform's voice recognition capabilities also allow agents to quickly identify caller issues while its integrations with popular CRM solutions provide greater flexibility and scalability. All in all, Enreach Cloud Contact Center helps streamline customer service operations by providing businesses with the tools they need to better manage their customer service operations.

Workforce management is an important part of contact center efficiency as it helps manage the activities of contact center agents and ensure they are best aligned with customer needs. Enreach Cloud Contact Center offers powerful workforce management tools such as real-time dashboards, analytics, and reports that enable businesses to monitor agent performance. This helps them identify areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments to ensure a better customer experience. Additionally, automated workflows also help to streamline contact center operations by eliminating manual tasks and improving operational efficiency. All in all, workforce management is a key component of contact center efficiency as it helps ensure agents are best aligned with customer needs and that contact centers are operating at peak performance.

Cloud-based contact center software differs from on-premise solutions in several ways. Firstly, cloud-based solutions are more scalable and flexible since they don't require the installation of hardware or software. Additionally, they provide businesses with access to the latest features and updates without additional costs. On the other hand, on-premise solutions often require significant upfront investment and have a more limited feature set. Furthermore, they are subject to the availability of hardware and on-site maintenance. All in all, cloud-based contact center solutions offer greater flexibility and scalability than on-premise solutions at a lower cost.

'Modern contact center solutions' such as 'virtual call center software' and 'hosted call center systems' provide 'call center agents' in an 'acquire contact center center' with tools to enhance customer interactions. These platforms offer intuitive interfaces and advanced features, making it easier for agents to handle multiple communication channels effectively. This leads to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.