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Navigating towards
a sustainable future         

Learn more about our ESG journey

Environment Environment

We are committed to the responsible management of limited resources, promoting a more sustainable future for people and planet.

Social Social

We offer an inclusive work environment as well as the resources our people need to maintain their well-being, while contributing to the positive development of the communities we are a part of.

Governance Governance

Responsible governance is a top priority at Enreach. Ethical standards and compliance guide our decision-making and ensure that our success is sustainable.

At Enreach, our purpose is to Create Contact Magic. It’s our north star guiding us in everything that we do, also for making a positive impact for our customers and society. By changing and improving the way we communicate, connect and collaborate, we contribute to improving people's lives and preserving our planet.

Our solutions and services are designed to give people and businesses control over how, when and if they can be reached, optimising their work-life flow and well-being. But also, to help people and businesses work smarter in an ever-evolving digital landscape, increasing their work efficiency and reducing commuting and business travel. We are committed to putting people and planet first, ensuring sustainable and responsible business practices.

Our ESG journey has just begun, and we invite you to join us and explore our ongoing initiatives and progress.

Stijn Nijhuis - CEO Enreach

Our ambition to net zero

We’re committed to minimising the environmental footprint of our business and contributing to climate change mitigation. Our ambition is to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. This means we’re aiming to reduce and offset our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions with activities ranging from selecting the greenest service providers to improving the efficiency of our data storage solutions.

Our people

Our Enreachers contribute their skills to every aspect of our work, helping us create a safe and supportive workplace with equal opportunities for everyone. We encourage our people to share their ideas and try new approaches and provide them with the tools they need to maintain a healthy work-life-balance, fulfill their potential, and find purpose in their professional journey.

Our local teams are connected to the communities and markets they serve, driving social, cultural, and environmental projects. They form lasting partnerships in their regions, tailor social engagement strategies to local needs, and create a tangible impact through fundraising, support of charities and NGOs, as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Our governance

We prioritise transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making in everything we do. Our governance structure, strategies and policies ensure that we operate with integrity, safeguard shareholder interests, and promote a culture of fairness and compliance. 

In our circular organisational model, we have established a dedicated ESG circle with a direct link to the leadership team. This circle reflects our commitment to ESG values and ensures their integration into core business strategies and practices.

We align with widely accepted ESG reporting frameworks and participate in a number of ESG ratings such as CDP, Ecovadis and ESG Advantage to ensure transparency and continuous improvement.

Our customers and partners

Our customers and their needs are at the top of our agenda. We’re aiming to deliver great customer experiences through our products, people, and platforms while prioritising ESG objectives. Our software solutions can help to optimise resource allocation, improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and enable more resilient and agile business models.

Beyond environmental efforts, we are committed to aligning with customer and partners expectations regarding security, transparency, accountability, and ethical business practices.


Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct Code of Conduct

The Enreach Code of Conduct aims to guide and inspire the behaviour of all colleagues. Download the Code of Conduct to learn more about Enreach’s core principles and values.

ESG Policy
ESG Policy ESG Policy

The Enreach ESG policy governs our activities in the focus areas we consider crucial to the sustainable growth and operation of our business. Read the policy to find out more about these focus areas.