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Outbound issues

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“Enreach Campaigns has contributed to prominent optimizations of our external channels” -Nega Shiferaw Commercial Manager



With multiple external partners working on their outbound calls, Verisure was struggling with 4 main management issues:

  • Lack of overview and control of external partners: With multiple partners, there was frustration with the inability to manage multiple partners efficiently
  • Longer processing time with delivery of leads and deletion of sensitive data (GDPR compliance): Verisure was looking for a procurement process that was smoother and more efficient, with a delivery within 24 hours
  • Lack of benchmark of external partners and optimization of their ringing activities: The ability to set lead management rules was not an option for them leaving them unable to maximize the potential of their leads
  • Heavy administration and slow start-up as well as settlement of external partners: Verisure was having difficulty standardizing its start-up activities with its partners leading to delays in operation


Verisure implemented Outbound in their Danish office in September 2018. They've been so impressed with our solutions that they added Flows in January 2019.


There are 4 main benefits that Enreach Campaigns provides to Verisure:

  • An increase in sales of +30% and a significant increase in our efficiency: We beat our sales record the month after the implementation of Enreach Campaigns.
  • Implementation of a top management tool: Using Enreach Campaigns makes it easier to manage several partners under one unified organization.
  • Comparative analyzes of performance and thus optimize ringing activities: Enreach Campaigns has made it possible to increase the conversion and processing of leads significantly.
  • Smooth administration process: Now we can start establishing and running new partnerships within 1-2 business days.