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How did Network Telecom help?

Baumot UK enjoyed an easy remote installation of their new phone system from Network Telecom during the lockdown period. The company required 12 new handsets after its previous telecoms contract expired. While looking for a cost saving opportunity, Baumot UK also wanted a system that offered future-proof technology. The company has a number of suppliers around Europe who they contact regularly, meaning that video calling capabilities were a priority and our NT Multimedia handsets fit the bill perfectly. Not only has NT Multimedia allowed Baumot UK to maintain face to face communications with its suppliers, but it has helped the company to keep in touch with colleagues whilst working remotely. The team is looking forward to using the handsets to make international conference calls from the boardroom once back in the office.

Baumot UK’s remote installation was described in one word, “simple”. The handsets were delivered to the office, with the phones already set up. From there, Baumot UK employees simply plugged the phones in and followed the over the phone instructions delivered by our engineers. Not only have the video conferencing and plug and play capabilities already made a difference to the way Baumot UK communicates, but the ability to download any apps from Google Play straight onto the phone has been a huge hit. When asked about their experience with Network Telecom, Keith Wiseman of Baumot UK said: “I would just like to thank Network Telecom for the fantastic service which we have been provided with during a world epidemic.”


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“I ordered the new phone network before the lockdown started and, even after a second delay from the Government, I spoke with Kate and decided to commence remotely. The communications and guidance have been 100% and I can confirm I have installed all the phones and equipment myself easily at our offices with no delays at all. The phones are brilliant and crystal clear.”

Keith Wiseman, Baumot UK