Ibstock Junior School How we helped improve communications

Ibstock Junior School
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Ibstock Junior School How we helped improve communications

The school used the lockdown period to upgrade its phone system to the latest technology with Network Telecom. They required 21 handsets to replace their outdated system, as well as new, faster broadband. The reason that the school was looking to change was due to its old technology, which made keeping in touch with parents and teachers quite difficult. Its previous phone system was around 20 years old, meaning that it simply didn’t have the futureproof features the school required. One of the main things that Ibstock was looking for in a new phone system was a showstopping handset that would act as a type of shop window for the school. Afterall, it will be one of the first things people see when they walk in. The NT Multimedia phone fitted the bill perfectly, offering an 8-inch HD display that could showcase the school’s website as well as photos or messages.

Due to having high needs children, the school previously used walkie talkies for teachers to keep in touch while in the corridors or around the building. These have now been replaced with cordless phones that not only have much better connection but will save teachers time taken to walk between departments. Another benefit that the school is enjoying is the seamless integration between the phones and its CRM system. This allows the staff to have everything in one place, whether it be contact details of a parent, medical details of a student or voicemails and emails that need responding to. As the NT Multimedia handsets can be plugged in to work anywhere, key support staff are also able to work from home the same way they would in the office, making calls and completing admin in private.

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Phil Lewin, headteacher,enjoyed an easy remote installation which he described as “really, really simple”. He commented on the experience with Network Telecom, “The Network Telecom multimedia phone is simple to set up and easy to use. I can now operate the school from home, which is a massive benefit to me and the other staff. The sound quality is excellent and much improved on my old BT landline.”