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Podcast: Enreach builds a strong brand in the European market based on combining telco, software, business savvy and vision

23 Mar 2022

In this podcast Stijn Nijhuis (CEO of Enreach) elaborates on our group. “We are both a telco and a software provider.” In the cloud and collaboration era, where silos are disdained and unified experiences expected, we bring expertise in several markets and disciplines to multiple European markets, being headquartered in the Netherlands and having offices in Germany, Finland, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, France and Latvia. Due to its local presence, Enreach has a vast knowledge of  the European market, and appreciates its differences per country.  

Complex European market 

Nijhuis makes the case for Enreach, outlining the complexity of the European market, explaining that significant cultural, economic, political and regulatory differences exist, even between neighboring nations. To give some examples of the differences in users behaviour in Europe: in the Netherlands people are used to call a general number and ask for the person they want to speak to and get connected to that person, in Germany most of the people still have their own desk phone and work more hierarchical with a boss – secretary principle, whereas Finland is a mobile only country Enreach’s flexible solutions support any preferred behaviour, giving the power to users to set their contactability. 

A step to success 

Key factors that distinguish Enreach and support our partners success: Openness, supported the self-steering way we are organized (holacracy),  the convergence of the different ways of communication we bring to the table, the European roots and the scale that we bring. 

Expectations of 2022 

Nijhuis sees 2022 as a year when Enreach unifies and integrates its capabilities to lead new market. Enreach grew organically over the last years,  has been acquiring companies and has proven successful in  making those acquisitions work.  

Listen to the whole podcast now and learn more about how Enreach can help you growing your business. In the next podcast Stijn will elaborate more on our products and solutions. 
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