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Intelligent dialers

Predict agent availability and automatically optimize to have new customers on the phone ready, reducing time wasted on dialing and waiting for no-answers

Multiple Dialers

We've got the right Dialer to fit your needs

Choose between our 4 different Intelligent Dialers:

  • Click to Dial
  • Power Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Basket Dialer

As an added bonus, our Predictive and Power Dialers are tuned with intelligence to optimize your outbound call center.

Dynamic Caller ID

Optimize contact rates with our advanced CallerID

Present the number you want in the caller ID when dialling Outbound prospects. Individualize with agent specific numbers, team numbers or even rotate within a group using our Dynamic CallerID module.

Priority Setting

Control skills and priority

Use individual priority between leads and control access to each level per agent or skillset. Our Dialers take all these factors into consideration when optimizing your efficiency.

Setting Options

Opening hours setting option

Maximize your lead potential by setting opening hours on campaigns or lead groups. Define specific opening hours and let the Intelligent Dialers handle the rest.