Customer service that works wonders

Enreach Virtual Agent creates the experience customers love

When customers visit your site, EVA welcomes them and answers questions quickly and intelligently at every stage of their journey. Customers become engaged because you’re giving them exactly what they need to know. They feel cared for, informed at all times and trust you enough to buy from you.




Want to learn how Eva can work wonders?

A real-time view of customers and their website journey gives you a sixth sense of what the customer is thinking.

You have the power to control the conversation, connect and respond instantly. At any time you can jump aboard and become more active in the process. Give your visitors a nudge in a certain direction to make sure they continue to be engaged. Answer the more specific questions they may have. Then they’ll have all they need to buy from you, not somebody else.


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Say Hello to the Conversation Hub

Think of how everyone has worked for years; customer contacts fly in from all directions and land in any number of email inboxes. They’re isolated and may not get answered, leaving customers frustrated. The one team member responsible could be away, or just snowed under with work, so they get stressed with the added workload. Say Hello to the Conversation Hub.

It’s a refreshing new way of working. No matter how your customers choose to get in touch, everything is directed to one central touchpoint. Every member of your team can jump on the Hub as all communications are channelled in  to one location. The app acts as bridge between platforms so your teams can happily collaborate on Slack or Teams. The Hub is an amazingly efficient and enjoyable way to work. It empowers your teams by giving them all the tools in one place to create stellar customer experiences that work like magic.



The service is built for simplicity. There’s no coding and the initial setup to take your first steps is a breeze. You can easily customize everything to suit your business perfectly.

We’re here to hold your hand all the way to get you going. Just think of us as an extra member of your team.



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Once you’re up and running, the first step of your amazing journey has begun. You’ll soon discover the potential of the Enreach Virtual Assistant. You’ll clearly see how it can boost your business by taking your customer service to a whole new level. You can even add audio and video chat to your box of tricks to expand its capabilities and connect with your customers in a whole new way. Its uses and potential are only limited by your imagination!

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