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Introducing One Enreach

2 May 2022

One Enreach

Why it exists, what it involves, and what it means to customers

Steve Pit, Chief Operating Officer, describes what One Enreach is, why it exists, what it involves, and what it means to customers. Steve brings extensive experience in operations at senior level for over 20 years. Today, he is a member of Enreach’s executive board, based out of the Netherlands but responsible for integrating operations across all parts of the group.

Through the acquisitions we have carried out during the past few years we have added considerable expertise and technologies to Enreach. Using this experience, I like to think we have become excellent at quickly onboarding each acquisition by following a detailed 100-day plan that covers all the basics of the initial integration steps. Now we are entering a phase where we aim to maximise the capabilities in our group, taking our integration to a new level. We achieve this by smoothly bringing together all the key elements of our organisations: from brand to systems, to operations, through to the user experience and interfaces we offer to our customers across Europe.

We also want to make sure that everyone within Enreach knows they are part of a growing and ambitious group doing something new and exciting in the market. And we would like to demonstrate to customers that we will give them best of what Enreach has to offer, accelerating innovation and supporting them across Europe as One Enreach.


One Enreach is a holistic program to utilise and integrate all our strengths within Enreach across all countries rather than replicating them individually. It covers the whole organisation and will maximise the potential of our skills, technologies and operational efficiencies. I often tell people that we are a borderless organisation working as virtual teams and it doesn’t matter if someone is based in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Finland or another location. We are working towards the same goal, with the same way of working.

Through our new unified platform, which has been designed for rapid development, we integrate new technologies or features and roll them out across the regions quickly, smoothly and consistently.

One Enreach also aims to establish the same behavioural culture across the group, retaining our entrepreneurial spirit and empowering our people. Rebranding is also part of One Enreach, helping everyone feel part of the same family while also presenting a consistent external identity.

Benefits to customers

First, we will be able to support them in a unified and efficient way across each market, delivering the same products consistently. So, for a company with five locations in Europe, it becomes simpler to roll out services to its users. For instance, that could start with a UK customer with overseas branches, where Enreach UK makes sure all the offices and employees get the same services and connectivity no matter where they are located. Of course that consistency then extends to customer support, with local resources supported by a group-level function if more help is needed.

Our collective integration focus, innovative DNA and culture of people empowerment mean that customers will directly benefit from a dynamic approach and product innovations as we build our leadership in converged contact across Europe. Of course, there will be some challenges along the way, but our open and transparent way of communicating, both internally and externally, means that we can work together to address those issues.

I’ve seen many organisations undertake acquisition strategies during my career but then fail to execute a clearly defined integrate vision and make the most of the potential that business combinations can bring. With One Enreach, we are doing things very differently and in multiple layers to create one integrated family that benefits our entire community, both for our people and our customers and resellers.


I’d like to share with you customer support as an example of One Enreach in action. We have 60 different languages in Europe and customers have all kinds of questions. What matters to them is getting support as quickly as possible in their language, so do not plan to centralise where support agents are based. Instead, we are keeping local support and ensuring that if the query requires more technical assistance – such as the development team – there is an efficient group-level support function to make that happen fast and efficiently.

On the product level, our Spanish team has built a fantastic inbound customer contact centre solution, which we have added to our group platform, available to deploy to all the regions. To achieve this the development and product management teams work as one. It’s an excellent example of where people have come from or where they are located not being the most important factors. Instead, we find ways to utilise their skills and develop the existing technologies with everybody is working towards a cohesive product roadmap.

In terms of creating one collective culture, several programs and initiatives are already in place. Enreach has chosen for Holacracy as its way of working and organising the company. It’s a methodology of so called ‘distributed authority’, which empowers people to take ownership and lead. Everybody is invited to share ‘tensions’, opportunities and proposals, so all feel they can contribute. In this way we learn continuously and change happens in an agile way. This is well underway and we expect to have this fully implemented by the end of the 2022.

Apart from the examples I’ve already mentioned, we are rolling out our Software-as-a-Service product Enreach Contact across our European markets this year, both for customers and our employees. All regions will be clearly branded as part of the Enreach family. Our integration across marketing and brand, finance and legal, quality and security operations, customer operations and more are all well underway.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enreach?

Enreach is a prominent player in the field of unified communications, offering advanced solutions to enhance connectivity and customer experience.

What does Unified Communications mean?

Unified Communications (UC) refers to the integration of various communication tools and IT services, such as instant messaging, voice over IP (VoIP), and email, aimed at improving business communication and collaboration.

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A Cloud Contact Center is a centralized hub that handles customer interactions across multiple channels, all hosted on the cloud. It allows for robust customer service operations without the need for physical infrastructure.

How does enhancing Customer Experience contribute to Business Growth?

Improving customer experience is integral to business growth. By offering seamless, responsive, and personalized interactions, businesses can foster customer loyalty, increase customer retention, and ultimately drive business growth.

What role does Enreach play in Business Growth?

Enreach offers future-proof solutions in unified communications, enabling businesses to streamline their operations, improve team collaboration, and enhance customer experience, all of which are essential components driving business growth.

What does an optimized cloud-based deployment look like at Enreach?

At Enreach, an optimized cloud-based deployment means leveraging the power of SaaS and unified communications to streamline business functions. This integration allows for a seamless, end-to-end customer journey, improving overall customer satisfaction.

How does Enreach use intelligent customer experience strategies?

Enreach employs intelligent strategies such as actionable customer data analysis and automated messaging to enhance customer experience. These strategies aim to improve customer success by personalizing the customer journey and fostering a robust customer relationship.

What integrations does Enreach offer with Salesforce?

Enreach offers seamless integration with Salesforce, enabling businesses to optimize their customer contact centers. It provides an intelligent, scalable, and automated platform that improves visibility of customer interactions, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

How does Enreach ensure seamless customer service with their automated call-center?

Enreach's automated call-center operates on a cloud-based platform that is scalable to meet changing business needs. It provides omnichannel support and leverages intelligent automation to streamline customer interactions, thereby improving the customer journey

What are the benefits of Enreach's customer relationship management?

Enreach's customer relationship management focuses on improving customer lifecycle by providing actionable insights from customer data. Businesses can monitor ROI with a comprehensive dashboard and tailor their services to meet specific customer needs, enhancing overall customer success.