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TCA has a fast route to more efficient customer taxi bookings – with Enreach’s award-winning conversational AI solution

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Enreach and DenCom partnered to develop Taxibooker, an innovative solution that allows customers to book taxis via WhatsApp. This eliminates the need for customers to download a separate app for booking taxis, making the process more convenient and accessible. The Enreach conversational AI platform is integrated with TCA's booking system, which recognizes 94% of user input, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

This technology is a game-changer for the people of Amsterdam who can now easily book taxis without the need for yet another taxi app. The collaboration between DenCom and Enreach has created a significant development that benefits customers by making the booking process more straightforward and faster. The integration of the conversational AI platform allows TCA to provide better service, which enhances the overall customer experience.

By leveraging Taxibooker, a solution built on Enreach's award-winning conversational AI technology, Dutch taxi firm Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) has successfully achieved a balance between providing customers with a rapid, intuitive, and user-friendly booking system, while reducing human effort and operating costs. Thanks to Taxibooker, TCA has reduced customer waiting times and operational costs by at least 50% compared to a more traditional booking process. The combination of Enreach's conversational AI and Taxicentrale Amsterdam's commitment to innovation and service excellence has resulted in a game-changing solution that benefits both the company and its customers.

The challenge

As part of its vision, TCA was aiming to achieve a high level of digitalization without compromising on its commitment to excellent service.

The solution

DenCom and Enreach partnered and developed Taxibooker, an innovative solution that enables customers to book taxis through WhatsApp. By integrating Enreach's conversational AI platform with TCA's booking system, Taxibooker is able to accurately recognize 94% of user input, resulting in a seamless and efficient experience. This reduces the need for call center staff and allows TCA to provide better service while simultaneously increasing efficiency.

Taxibooker provides customers with the option to easily book taxis via WhatsApp, bypassing the need to wait in the IVR queue. This fully automated approach is directly linked to TCA's back-end booking system, ensuring a seamless experience. Customers receive a WhatsApp message from the same TCA fixed line number they originally called (020 777 7777), and with just one click, they can book their taxi. The intuitive WhatsApp dialogue menu prompts customers to provide their pick-up location, which can be an address, a well-known site, a venue name, or a geo-location pin within WhatsApp. With just two simple interactions, customers can book their taxi and receive ETA arrival information, making the process quick and hassle-free.

Taxibooker represents a significant step forward for the TCA, demonstrating how advanced technology can be leveraged to improve service and convenience for customers while reducing operational costs.

Results: a win-win for TCA and its customers

TCA benefits from reducing the load on its call center, with Taxibooker taking fully automated orders 24/7/365. Furthermore, during peak times (such as when it is raining or a big event is taking place), Taxibooker reduces waiting time because it can handle a large percentage of the bookings effortlessly. 

Just as significantly, the solution has helped reduce costs by 50%. For example, a typical taxi order takes one or two minutes when a human operator is involved, costing an estimated two-three Euros. The automated WhatsApp booking system brings these costs down to less than half that amount.

Customers have the advantage of convenience and speed. For example, using location pins removes the need to know the exact address. Also, anyone who wants to avoid interacting via voice (for instance, they may be a tourist that does not speak Dutch) can interact with TCA using English-language-based chat. In addition, beyond the original booking, they can use the chat channel to ask questions or raise issues such as ‘when will my taxi arrive?’ or ‘I have left my purse in the taxi’. As a result, a lot of the hassle is taken out of booking a taxi, making it a more streamlined process.

Award-winning technology

Taxibooker is powered by Enreach Virtual Assistant. This Conversational AI technology has earned Frost & Sullivan's 2023 Best Practices Enabling Technology Leadership Award.