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Mobile cloud PBX for mobile-first collaboration 

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Give your mobile network customers a better business experience

As workplaces become more digital and employees remotely-based, ‘mobile first’ is fast becoming a big trend in unified communications. As part of digital transformation, the aim is to make advanced and flexible phone services accessible on a mobile-device over existing mobile networks. 

Mobile cloud PBX (phone-business-exchange) helps mobile operators stay a step ahead of the competition, by giving their business customers advanced communication and collaboration services of a traditional on-premise PBX, but in a flexible,  as-a-service environment.  

Enreach UP Mobile by Enreach is a powerful cloud-based phone system that is easy to deploy over existing GSM, IMS and VoLTE networks, or on an infrastructure supporting fixed-mobile-convergence (FMC). It integrates seamlessly into existing environments, with the scalability to satisfy the business needs of any customer. This hosted PBX solution means no need to invest in your own unified communications infrastructure. 

For mobile operators:

  • Deliver a full office PBX experience to GSM users 

  • Enhance and expand mobile services portfolio 

  • Flexible integration with the existing core mobile network 

  • Pay only for provisioned subscribers – with our revenue-sharing model 

For business customers:

  • Smooth migration from traditional telephony to cloud-based mobile services 

  • Consistent converged services across multiple fixed and mobile devices 

  • Full control of the PBX unified communications environment 

  • Simple end-user experience via an intuitive interface 

  • Flexibility to switch from one device to another without interruption 

  • Intuitive user interface – compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices 


Enreach has been a pioneer in ‘mobile first’ for years, working with forward-thinking mobile operators who recognised the potential to put mobile services at the heart of business telecommunications. That collective knowledge and experience are now benefitting service providers across Europe and beyond.  

For mobile operators

  • Seamless integration with existing mobile infrastructure - across mobile switching centres (MSCs) and home location registers (HLR), optimising cost-effective scalable use of network capacity  

  • Effective management of media and circuits – within the GSM network, by only sending calls with advanced services to the application server within Enreach Mobile. 

  • Future-facing and flexible - through Session Internet Protocol (SIP) technology built into Enreach UP Mobile, it is also compatible with IMS and VoLTE networks.  

For business customers

  • Single or dual-number caller ID – show your business phone identity, or also a secondary one (such as personal), without needing VOIP.  

  • Voice call continuity – move an on-going call from one device to another, such as between a mobile phone, a tablet and a laptop 

  • Single converged voicemail – just one place to check for all missed calls, whether from mobile-device or fixed phone services 

  • Real-time screening of calls – listen-in and decide whether to answer a call or forward to voicemail 


  • Management of calls when away – use the Away Attendant to selectively redirect to an alternative person or team, or voicemail 

  • Enhanced caller ID – awareness of not just the incoming caller’s ID, but from which group the call has originated (for example, the sales department) 

  • Unified chat and SMS  – send and receive SMS as chat or vice versa