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World class lead management

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"Enreach Campaigns enables us to monitor and streamline our lead management process, so we ensure excellence in all inside sales units." -Keld Lindbjerg, Head of Tele Sales at Telia Denmark.

In a matter of weeks, Telia Denmark enhanced excellence and efficiency in inside sales activities and gained a 25 % increase in sales by implementing Outbound and Flows.

Telia Denmark is part of Telia Sonera, which is present in 18 countries. With more than 150 million customers and a turnover of €10,29 billion, Telia Sonera ranks among top the 10 in Europe. Since 2008, Enreach Campaigns has been the platform for Telia Denmark’s inside sales activities, serving both their in-house call centre and external centres – around 4 million outbound calls per year.

Ensuring excellence

Inside sales outbound activities is the vast source of gaining new business, upselling and resale for Telia, both in B2B and B2C segments. Besides the in-house sales department, inside sales is also handled by numerous different external entities, so the need for a platform to secure consistency, transparency and control was very urgent in obtaining the goal of being a world class service company.

" Enreach Campaigns enables us to monitor and streamline our lead management process, so we ensure excellence in all inside sales units. Thanks to real-time sales reporting and call recording, our team leaders now have control and insight [at] their very fingertips." -Keld Lindbjerg, Head of Tele Sales at Telia Denmark.

Efficiency means profitability

In a highly competitive market, world class service cannot stand alone in reaching Telia’s ambitious strategy. To ensure that profitability keeps increasing, Telia aims at being extremely cost-efficient in every aspect of running their business, and that affected their choice of outbound platform as well.

"When contacting a big amount of leads per year, efficiency proves visible on the bottom-line. And speed is not the only important factor. For making targeted upselling calls, for instance, it is also important to provide the sales consultant with existing customer details. Enreach Campaigns allows us to customise each campaign for their specific purposes.”

Instant return on investment

Within only a few weeks of using Outbound and Flows, Telia reached remarkable results – and got a high return on their investment:

  • Increased number of calls by 95%
  • Increased number of contacts by 75%
  • Increased sales by 25%

"Because of online access and great user-friendliness, our inside sales entities gained the efficiency we wanted and they were up and running within a few days. Right after implementation, we were excited to see that our sales consultants instantly started spending more time selling our services and much less on manual routines."

For Telia, implementing Enreach Campaigns means that they now have a much faster and streamlined lead flow in their inside sales entities, which they are able to monitor and control closely. The increased efficiency is evident in Telia’s bottom-line, since they’ve increased sales by 25% with Enreach Campaigns.