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3 Mar 2022

Almere, 3 March 2022 - Enreach, the fast-growing European contact leader backed by the independent investment group Waterland Private Equity (“Waterland”), is delighted to announce that Enreach is now part of Microsoft’s Operator Connect Program. Users benefit from effortless, invisible interaction between these two contact environments by seamlessly blending regular phone services (PSTN) with Microsoft Teams. This milestone for Enreach is the latest stage in its strategy to enhance the Microsoft Teams user experience through the group’s extensive background and product portfolio in both telecommunications and IT.

With the growth of Microsoft Teams and hybrid workplaces, many businesses want the convenience of connecting Microsoft Teams to PSTN networks to use it as a PBX or to integrate it with their existing PBX. For instance, to add someone via telephony (including mobile) to a meeting in progress or to call a customer with Microsoft Teams using a fixed number, allowing customers to recognise their company. 

Enreach is an established telecommunications service provider in Europe – providing phone lines and numbers – and can add Microsoft Operator Connect easily and rapidly, giving customers even more flexibility around their communication and collaboration choices. In addition, Enreach already offers Microsoft’s other two PSTN telephony options: Microsoft Calling Plans and Microsoft Direct Routing.

Says Joep Lecluse, Head of Cloud Workspace Productivity at Enreach, “We are very proud of this achievement, especially since only a small fraction of the hundreds of service providers who apply to this program are accepted. The inclusion of Enreach among the selection of operators recognizes our strong market position in Europe and fits the strategic development of our portfolio.”

Martin Claßen, Enreach CPO, elaborates, “We are aiming to make contact between people as friction-free as possible and break down both physical and digital barriers so that people can focus on their conversations, without the distraction of technology. Being part of Microsoft Operator Connect is a further step towards this, and it also fits in with our mission to help Microsoft customers across the region make the most of their technology investments.”

Microsoft Operator Connect will be available from Enreach Denmark, Finland, Germany, Spain, and The Netherlands, with other European countries to follow.


About Enreach

Enreach is a European contact leader with a strong presence in the Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic States. Enreach provides collaboration technology and telecom services through its resellers, service provider partners and direct channels. All operations contribute to intelligent, integrated IT and communication solutions that ensure optimal communication and workflow between organizations. Enreach's mission is to give companies access to the best communication and collaboration tools with a simple, user-centric interface built around their specific needs and systems. The group's products place powerful functions within reach of all companies, regardless of industry or size, so their employees can focus on getting great things done. Enreach operates in over 25 countries and has over 1,100 employees working in 24 different European offices. For more information visit: