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1 Apr 2022

Enreach strengthens European market position by harmonizing their Dutch business channels 

Almere, 1 April 2022 – Enreach, the fast-growing UCaaS and CCaaS group backed by independent investment firm Waterland Private Equity, welcomes their two Dutch indirect cloud communications and IT companies - Voiceworks and i4IP - under the Enreach brand name. Other Dutch Enreach companies, DSD, CloudLand and Eazit are now labelled as ‘part of Enreach’. All brand changes further strengthen Enreach’s market position both in The Netherlands and in Europe and represent an important new milestone towards realising the group’s integration goals.

Voiceworks was one of the initial companies forming Enreach in 2018 and was co-founded by Enreach’s CEO Stijn Nijhuis and CTO Koen van Geffen. Under the Enreach brand, Voiceworks and i4IP will continue to offer future-proof, white label cloud communications and IT solutions. The distribution model will remain the same and partners will continue to have one point of contact for sales and service. As an Enreach partner they will benefit from easy access to best-in-class products and services for their customers, primarily due to the innovation created by Enreach companies across Europe working and developing new solutions together delivered by one unified platform.

Additionally, the rebranding to Enreach offers partners benefits and opportunities in terms of scaling up and being supported when having international ambitions. With its extensive footprint in Europe, Enreach simplifies the process for its partners to scale internationally or facilitate their needs through one of their 25 offices across Europe.

A new era with new opportunities

“Today we celebrate the rebranding of Voiceworks and i4IP, symbolizing our integration within Enreach. It will enable us to make optimal use of the available resources and expertise across the group even faster, providing recently added services - such as chatbot technology and cloud contact centres - to our partners more efficiently. The same applies to supporting partner services such as BI, leads and marketing-as-a-service. Following other companies in Enreach already being successfully rebranded, we are extremely happy and proud to take on the Enreach brand name as our own now as well," said Terry Aurik, CEO of Enreach Netherlands.

"With the support of Waterland in 2018 we’ve acquired and integrated 15 companies and added over 500 colleagues along with innovative new products and technologies. The transition of Voiceworks and i4IP to Enreach ensures that we can continue to grow and innovate while being associated with this stronger, unified brand in The Netherlands. It is the end of a wonderful era for both companies, but also the start of a new, promising chapter. We look forward to a bright future," says Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Enreach.

About Enreach

Enreach is a European UCaaS and CCaaS leader with a strong presence in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic States. Enreach provides collaboration technology and telecom services through its resellers, service provider partners and direct channels. All operations contribute to intelligent, integrated IT and communication solutions that ensure optimal communication and workflow between organizations. Enreach's mission is to give companies access to the best communication and collaboration tools with a simple, user-centric interface built around their specific needs and systems. The group's products place powerful functions within reach of all companies, regardless of industry or size, so their employees can focus on getting great things done. Enreach operates in over 25 countries and has over 1,100 employees working in 25 different European offices.

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